About us

Equitable Water took its name from an idea put forward by a committee, formed in 2003, in the tiny village of Nagadarwadi, to distribute water fairly among all the villagers - an 'Equitable Water-Sharing scheme'. The villagers knew they had very little hope of achieving anything individually and so decided to press the authorities and approach various NGOs for help.  This village turned out to be exemplary and set the scene for a  number of similar initiatives in the area.


Equitable Water was constituted as a charity registered in England (No: 1106363) in 2004 with the objective helping people like those in Nagadarwadi with water-related development work - water for irrigation, for drinking, water conservation, even fishing. You can see more details about us on the Charity Commission's website.


We believe in small projects, delivering benefits directly to the people who need help. All of our projects are directly under the control of the villagers themselves, either through the Village Council (Gram Panchayat) or through committees such as the Watershed Committees who are responsible for maintenence, upkeep and education. It is this ownership that ensures sustainability.


We rely exclusively on volunteer help and contributions. All of the projects we fund are small by Western standards but the impact can be dramatic on small and extremely poor communities. Your donations, however small, will go directly to improving the lot of some of the poorest people on earth.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.