Restoration of Fishing Community’s Livelihood

The small fishing community in Sagroli had suffered greatly as a result of the tanks falling into disrepair. Traditionally, at least one of the tanks was used to stock and grow fish, which were sold in the market nearby and in Nanded, 80 km away. These are extremely poor, landless families who lost their livelihood entirely and were reduced to looking for work as day labourers.

When the tanks were repaired we helped the fishermen stock them with fish fry. Within 6 months they began to see some income. The fishermen formed a cooperative which is run by a small dynamic group led by an enthusiastic cheerful man called Laxman. He has been largely responsible for the success of this project, even at a time when, because of a poor monsoon and falling water levels, the fish stocks were in imminent danger of  extinction. Laxman persuaded us to fund the installation of pipes (over a kilometre in length) and a pair of pumps to lift water from the river to the tank, just to keep the precious fish alive. The plan worked. Some of the pictures below were taken in early 2009, before the start of the monsoon. Since then the water levels have greatly improved.