De-Silting of Ancient Water Tanks

After the success of the project in Nagdarwadi, Equitable Water together with SSM, undertook to help to de-silt the two tanks in Sagroli. It is worth remembering that each of these tanks is over 50 acres in size. As well as de-silting, there was extensive repair work required on the bunds, watershed treatment and reforestation of the catchment area. We had insufficient funds to do the work on both the tanks at the same time, so the first tank was completed in 2006 and the second in 2007.


As large areas were involved, some of the work needed to be done by earth-moving machinery, assisted by manual labour provided by the villagers. The plants growing in the tanks had to be cut down and burnt, as they are poisonous to cattle and humans.


The watershed catchment areas needed extensive treatment  involving continuous contour trenching, staggered trenching, stone bunding, farm bunding and planting of hardy species over an area of about 600 acres. Earthen check dams, loose boulder structures, gully plugs etc. were installed on the upper reaches as part of drainage line treatment. Much of this work was manual and was supplied by the villagers as their contribution instead of bringing in external labour.